Driving While License Suspended

Driving While Suspended citations and arrests are extremely common in Washington and Clackamas County. Law enforcement will pull you over for any minor traffic infraction and is constantly scanning license plates for suspended drivers. The reason why your license was suspended will greatly impact the outcome of your DWS case.

Some common reasons for a Suspended License include:

  • Breath test failure or breath test refusal after a DUII arrest;
  • Any DUII conviction;
  • Most motor vehicle related convictions such as Hit & Run or Reckless Driving;
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance aka "PCS" conviction;
  • Failure to Appear for a court date; &
  • Many other reasons.

If you are unsure why your license is suspended, contact Erik Nicholson so he can diagnose the situation and develop a game plan to get your license back ASAP.

Depending on why your license is suspended, you will be charged with a Violation, Class A Misdemeanor or Felony.

Washington and Clackamas County DA's prosecute Driving While Suspended crimes aggressively and will seek extremely high fines and jail time. We have an extensive track record of getting DWS cases dismissed or significantly reduced. Erik Nicholson has a tried and true game plan that often convinces judges and prosecutors to reduce your penalties significantly.

Erik will not only help with your criminal case, he will determine what it takes to reinstate your Oregon drivers license as soon as possible. This includes working with DMV and connecting you with insurance industry experts to save you as much money as possible. Our goal is to get you back on the road!

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